Wing-T Option Package

The Delaware Wing-T offense has used the option play as an important part of their offense almost from the beginning. The University of Delaware first with the Trap Option, Down Option and Belly Option has now increased their option package to include the Triple Option and now the Counter Option. While the University of Delaware toyed with the idea of putting in the Midline Option made popular by the Military Academies many collegiate Wing-T teams have successfully added this play to their playbook. Many of these plays are far from the original Wing-T package but with today's sophisticated defenses the option play has been an excellent addition to keeping defenses honest.

Trap Option: The Trap Option was the first option to be added to the Wing-T system in 1978. The play looks like the Sweep Series with the trap up the middle, but the QB reverses pivots and run the option the opposite direction.

Belly Option: The Belly Option is one of the first options run by the University of Delaware. This play continues to be one of the staples of many Wing-T teams today. One of the great aspects of the Belly Option is the ability to block it a number of different ways. We classify the blocking scheme when we send in the play. Example:
Belly Option Load (We will block #3, which gives our QB an excellent running opportunity.)
Belly Option Wall (We will send the HB up to the LB and wall him off.)
Belly Option Arch (We will arch the HB out on the CB and the SE will crack on #4 if possible.)
Belly Option Free (We will send the HB up on the Free Safety if he is interested in getting involved with the option.)

Down Option: The Down Option is also one of the first options run by the University of Delaware. This is one of my favorite Wing-T option plays. This is an excellent compliment to the Down where #3 is kicked out by the play side guard. Once #3 becomes interested in stopping the Fullback, the Guard logs him and the QB attacks the flank with the pitch option.

Triple Option: This is one of the new Delaware options. Delaware started to runt he Triple in the early 90's and has become one of the staple plays in their package. One of the great aspects of the Triple is that is can be run from almost any Wing-T formation. One of the drawbacks that I feel comes along with running the Triple in a Wing-T program is the amount of time the Triple takes to practice in perfecting the reads and timing. My personal feeling is that with the amount of time high schools have to practice it would be very hard to perfect the all the traditional Wing-T techniques and still have time to practice the Triple option. What some teams have done to eliminate this problem is to run a straight Dive and then run Double Option. This gives the look of the Triple option but the read is predetermined.

Speed/Lead Option:  The lead option allows the offense to run option to the split end side without motioning the HB behind the QB.  This a great play when teams are loading up to the motion side.

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