The following was taken from, The Delaware Wing-T: An Order of Football, by Harold "Tubby" Raymond and Ted Kempski, Parker Publishing Co., Inc., West Nyack, New York: page 3.



The Delaware Wing T was developed by Dave Nelson in 1950. At the time Nelson was the head coach of the University of Maine. After leaving Maine, Nelson joined the University of Delaware where he perfected the Wing T from being used primarily as formation into a complete offense in the early 1950's.

The Wing T is actually an offense that combines the principles of the Michigan Single Wing of Fritz Crisler and the Army Trap Series of Earl "Red" Blaik. Although the Wing T has changed over the past couple of decades the principles and concepts are still the same. In order to keep up with the changing defensive trends in football the Wing T has evolved into the offense that is run today at the University of Delaware.

The Wing T is an offense that has withstood the test of time. Where other offenses and fads make great clinic talk, the Wing T continues to baffle teams with its misdirection attack. The Delaware Wing T continues to be one of the finest offenses used today on both the high school and college levels.

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