Bucksweep.com Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Does Bucksweep.Com have any affiliation with the University of Delaware or the former Coaching Staff of Delaware?

Bucksweep.com is in no way connected with the University of Delaware or former coach Harold "Tubby" Raymond.  The Wing-T offense has forever been associated with the University of Delaware.  Most Wing-T coaches consider Newark, Delaware to be the Mecca of the Wing-T offense.  Even with the Wing-T no longer being run at Delaware, the offense is still associated with the Delaware football program.

2.  Don't you know that the University of Delaware no longer runs the Wing-T?

See above.

3.  Does Bucksweep.com generate any profits?

Bucksweep.com is a non-profit website.  I created the website as a hobby back in 1997.  It has grown tremendously during that time, but has still remained nonprofit.  Because of the raising costs to maintain the webpage I have asked visitors to make a voluntary donation to help me defray the costs of the page.

4.  How did Bucksweep.com get started?

Bucksweep.com was created on February 19, 1997.  I decided to create Bryan Schaumloffel's Unofficial Delaware Wing-T Web Page after talking to Toby Brandow, one of the pioneers of Football Coaching Websites.  Before the site was located on www.bucksweep.com it was found on an American Online server.  The site soon grew to big for AOL's capabilities and I went looking for a new server, the result was Bucksweep.com.

5.  Who is Bryan Schaumloffel?

I am currently a teacher and coach in the Westhampton Beach School District on Long Island, New York.  I am an eighth grade United States History teacher and assistant football coach.  I played college football at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York and Salisbury University in Maryland.  My wife, Stephanie and I live in Remsenburg, NY and have four children.

6.  Do you sell any Wing-T material?

Not currently, but I would like to produce something in the future.

7.  Can you send me your playbook and some of your game films?

No, but feel free to study the page and ask questions on the message board.  Many of your questions may already be answered on the page.  There is a ton of great material being sold on the Wing-T including playbooks and videos.  Check out my Wing-T resources page.  Click Here.

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